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Nick Longrich says:

> Bakker claims Drinker was a tree-climber, so it would be
> neat to look at Drinker, but then, nothing has really been published
> on that. Are there any dinosaurs (spinosaurus is one, I know, but not
> one I'd suggest) that show unusual flexibility in the back, which
> might imply tree-climbing?
>        Thinking about this, I had a scene in my head of a dromaeosaur
> lounging lazily up in a magnolia, with a little  hypsilophodont stuffed
> into the fork of a limb.

To my knowledge (someone please correct me if I'm mistaken), the level of
flexibility you describe in the last paragraph would depend on whether or
not dinosaurs had lumbar vertebrae (which is what gives mammals that
ability). As far as I know, no dinosaur had a lumbar vertebra, thus
precluding theropods and ceratopids from lounging a la felines and bovids.

Brian Franczak (franczak@ntplx.net)