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Climbing Dinos

Nick Longrich says:

> Bakker claims Drinker was a tree-climber, so it would be neat to
> look at Drinker, but then, nothing has really been published on
> that. Are there any dinosaurs (spinosaurus is one, I know, but not
> one I'd suggest) that show unusual flexibility in the back, which
> might imply tree-climbing?
>        Thinking about this, I had a scene in my head of a
> dromaeosaur lounging lazily up in a magnolia, with a little
> hypsilophodont stuffed into the fork of a limb.

Bakker gave a talk at The Continetal Jurassic Symposium about the tree 
climbing Drinker. He said it was the loose metatarsals, (not fused) and 
fingers 3 and 4 being prehensal so it could hold onto branches 
(RIGHT!). Nothing was said about it's back. But then he said it lived 
in burrows and that they've found some remains in some.