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Re: T.Rex predation etc...

Date: Monday, 4 November, 1996 3.44 PM
LN Jeff wrote:

>      Were Sue's injuries ever published?

        I think this came up a year or two ago on the list.  Pete Larson did a
guest lecture here in '93 and (unfortunately) all he had with him was a
short fact sheet with a general description on Sue.  The only pathologies
listed are as follows:
* The tooth of another mature T-Rex was found embedded in a healed bone in
Sue's neck.
* One of Sue's hind legs had been broken and rehealed.
* The left side of Sue's face was ripped away in an attack which may have
caused her death.

        There were a number of other pathologies, but unfortunately I can't
remember specifics anymore.  Since you can't really get in touch with Pete
right now (he's still "on vacation" isn't he?), the Black Hils Institute
may have some more info.  A paleopathologist friend of mine at Univ.
Montana asked Pete a lot of questions at SVP in Seattle in '94, so she may
know more.  If anyone on the list in Bozeman wants to look her up
concerning Sue, I'll steer you in her direction.