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RE: Dino coloration and more...

Jeff Martz writes;

>> out to be beneficial, it will continue to develop that trait to
>> maximum effectiveness (i.e. proto-bird arm ---> proto-bird wing).  In
>> this senario, it is probable that somewhere in the dinosaurian ranks
>> there would be a genera that would select for a larger brain and
>> greater intellegence.
>     Weren't we also getting some especially large brained theropods
>about the time the dinosaurs went extinct?

Right.  You're thinking of good 'ol Troodon (the model for Dr. Russel's
 work).  That critter is estimated to be more intellegent than the little
 fuzzy mammals that were running around at the time.  Rumor has it that the
 reason why Troodon got so brainy was that it was going after the mammals,
 since it's usually better to be smarter than your prey (except for Wile E.

Rob Meyerson
Orphan Vertebrate Paleontologist

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