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Re: Fish-eating theropods

At 12:36 PM 11/5/96 -0500, Tracy Ford wrote:

>I never did like the 'Fish eating' Baryonyx. The huge claw on it's hand 
>may not have even been on the hand (that's what was said in the 
>articles about it). So it had a long low head and big teeth. Why 
>couldn't it have hunted Iguanodon? No reason it couldn't. 

Indeed.  Spinosaurid snouts are very crocodile-like, but many of the big
crocs (the salt-water, the Nile, etc.) munch on terrestrial tetrapods as
well as fish.

>But then there is the new Spinosaurus skull mateiral that has a very 
>long premaxilla that looks like a gavial, may be some did eat fish, at 
>least part time.

I hope that they finally track that specimen down.  It is wonderful, and
another great addition to the Theropod Hall of Fame.

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