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Re: Rex Fall part 1

Nick Longrich wrote:

>       "Cortical thickness" means actual bone, right? How exactly do the
> calculations take into account the fact that T. rex had hollow bones? Does
> anyone know if ostriches have hollow limb bones (I'd assume so,
> anyways).
> [Cortex is derived from (in fact, I think it is) the Latin word for
>  "bark" (as in the stuff found on trees).  Therefore, the cortex of
>  the bone excludes the hollow center. -- MR ]

      The cortical bone  is the thick, solid outer layer of the bone.  
The soft, spongy stuff in the "hollow" interior is called "trebecular".  
Since this interior  does not provide significant reinforcement to 
the strength of the leg bone, the section modulus takes into account how 
much of the diameter is cortical and how much is trebecular.

LN Jeff