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Re: Another feathered dino?

At 02:04 PM 11/5/96 -0500, Royan Webb wrote:

>My husband brought a book from our library and asked me to ask about
>an entry in it.
>The book is:
>The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs
>April 1990 edition
>On page 120 is the entry for Avimimids
>from the text
>"There were fused wrist bones, and probably clawed fingers on the 'wings'
> - short, feathered arms that could be folded like a bird's"
>I thought the fuss was because of the feathers on a non bird, or was
>it in part due to the greater age ?

   Bear in mind phylogenetic relationships change.  At the time this was
written, Avimimus maybe have been widely considered to be in clade Aves
(birds) ... or at least considered by the authors to be located there.  The
DOL Cladogram places Avimimus in the Arctometetarsalia, the clade that
includes Troodontids, Ornithomimids and Tyrannosaurids.

   I strongly suspect that comment about "feathered" arms may have come
about because the authors considered it to be a bird and are making
assumptions.  I'm not aware of any skin impressions of avimimus showing

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