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Darren Naish wrote:

>Esteemed list member Dr. Thomas Holtz says.. (in responding to an earlier post
>on _Spinosaurus_ snouts)...
>> I hope that they finally track that specimen down.  It is wonderful, and
>> another great addition to the Theropod Hall of Fame.
>Why do you say 'track that specimen down'? Has it been lost or something? 
>I haven't seen the paper yet - how much provenance data was Russell able to get
>on the new spinosaur? I've been led to believe it smacks of a situation rather
>like the one surrounding that stupid blue mineral everyone loves so much.

Russell's spinosaur is doing fine, but has no head.

The material in question is a GIGANTIC partial skull shown by Angela Milner
at the 1996 SVP meeting.  Unfortunately, it is in private hands, so they
couldn't get more details on it.

A monster: twice Baryonyx's size or so.

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