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Re: Rex Fall part 1

LN Jeff wrote:

>       The cortical bone is the thick, solid outer layer of the bone.
> The soft, spongy stuff in the "hollow" interior is called
> "trebecular".  Since this interior does not provide significant
> reinforcement to the strength of the leg bone, the section modulus
> takes into account how much of the diameter is cortical and how much
> is trebecular.

The term is "trabecular", and I don't think you have that right.
Trabecular derives from the Latin word for "beam", and trabecular bone
does bear weight (look at a frontal cross-section of the head of a
human femur, for instance -- the trabeculae are aligned along the
paths through which most forces are transmitted).  Also, in reference
to bone structure, "spongy" describes the appearance not consistency.
Spongy bone isn't soft (though the stuff inside the sponge cavities
is, SFAIK).  Typically in anatomy, a "cortex" surrounds a "medulla"
(also Latin, but I don't know its derivation -- "pith" is my guess).
In bones, the marrow is contained in the bone's medullary cavity --
the "hollow" part that Nick was concerned about in Farlow's model.

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)