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At 04:18 PM 11/5/96 -0500, Tom Holtz wrote:

>The material in question is a GIGANTIC partial skull shown by Angela Milner
>at the 1996 SVP meeting.

        For those of us wtill feeling sorry for ourselves because we
couldn't go to SVP (anyone who knows where '97 is, please e-mail me
personally), would you (Dr. Holtz) kindly repeat your earlier courtesy and
elaborate on the specimen shown by Milner, if this is at all possible?

>Unfortunately, it is in private hands, so they couldn't get more details on it.

        This sounds like a job for the...

>A monster: twice Baryonyx's size or so.

        Ummm... do you suppose it's time for all of us to rub
_Giganotosaurus_ off the number one spot in the Top Ten Heaviest Terrestrial
Carnivores of all Time list?  Calvinosaurus Wattersoni indeed!

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