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Re: Latest PaleoWorld

Tracy Ford wrote:

> One, is that Ken Carpenter didn't discover the Stegosaur that is now 
> housed at Denver, it was Brian Small. 

     There are two Stegosaurus skeletons housed at DMNH.  Both were 
found in Garden Park near Canyon City, and in fact came out the exact 
same gully.  The first was excavated and originally mounted during the 
30s, and was taken down and remounted a couple years ago when the Denver 
Museum's new Prehistoric Journey exhibit went up.
     The more recent Stegosaurus was found in 1992.  Bryan is one of
those people with a gift for stumbling over important fossils.  [LN
Jeff may become another. -- MR ] He walked up to the wall of the
gully, dug his pick in, and dragged out a vertebrae form what turned
out to be a vrtually complete skeleton.  The skeleton was airlifted
out of the gully with an army helicoptor.  The head, neck ossicles,
and the first few cervical vertebrae have been completely prepped out
and are on display next to the original skeleton.  The tail is also at
the museum and is half prepped out.  The rest of the body is down at
the Dinosaur Depot in Canyon City.  When all three sections are done,
they will be reassembled.  I assume the stegosaur will be on display
down in Canyon City.

> And third, during the credits, if you looked quickly you could see the 
> skull of Ken Carpenters newest Morrison ankylosaur, Gargoylosaurus.

      Gargoylosaurus came from Wyoming (I think), not Colorado.  Ken is 
hoping to build a skeletal reconstruction (using casts of course) and 
mount it under the Diplodocus tail in P.J.

LN Jeff