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more about electronic publishing

[ When the subject of electronic publishing came up here a few months
  back I pushed it off the list because I strongly believe this isn't
  the proper forum for such discussions.  What I do feel belongs here,
  however, is pointers to other places where such discussions are
  appropriate.  Thanks for taking the time to find these for us Pat! 
  -- MR ]

Every now and then the subject of publishing on World Wide Web comes up 
on this list.  Anyone interested in the subject should check out the 
publications section of the website of the Association for Computing 


The ACM is a major organization of computer-industry professionals, and 
is moving rapidly into www publication.  Topics likely to be of 
particular interest to Dino List people include:

On the citation of ACM online articles: a working paper

And the biggie:
ACM interim copyright policies
--subject to annual review, at present in Version 2, and due for update 
any day now.  Among the www-specific concerns addressed in this document:
Definitive versions and revisions
Fixity of works
Access to copyrighted works: links, access licences
Rights retained by the author
etc. etc.
--all of which ACM is putting to the test in its own online publications, 
and refining as needed.  Two electronic journals (so far) can 
be accessed through the Publications web page, as well as some editorial 
material, plans for the future, searchable Table of Contents for a couple 
of dozen ACM journals from 1985 onward, and some sample articles of 
particular importance, republished with hypertext links.

There are plenty of other publishers putting out electronic journals, 
trying to find their own solutions to the same problems.  ACM is just a 
big, cutting-edge organization in a position to help shape the future of 
www publishing.