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David Krentz address change

[ I hestitate to distribute a message about an address change, but
  relative newcomers might want to know they can influence the making
  of a dinosaur movie here...  Without that tie-in I'd have rejected
  the following. -- MR ]

  Just letting you all know that I've changed my address.  Just to recap who
I am for those of you I've written to or those who are interested.  My name
is David Krentz, I'm 27 and live in Valencia ,California ( originally I'm
from Winnipeg ,Canada).
  I'm currently designing all the dinosaurs for Disney's movie in '99.  Some
of you may remember me from my ranting and raving in defence of dinosaur
movies on this forum a few months back.  I'm changing my address -from-
NANNOTYRAN@aol.com -to- NANOTYRANN@aol.com
It's really embarrassing to spell dinosaur names wrong with this audience.
 Hope to hear from you.