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Re: Fish-eating theropods

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Tracy Ford wrote:

> I never did like the 'Fish eating' Baryonyx. The huge claw on it's hand 
> may not have even been on the hand (that's what was said in the 
> articles about it). So it had a long low head and big teeth. Why 
> couldn't it have hunted Iguanodon? No reason it couldn't. 
> But then there is the new Spinosaurus skull mateiral that has a very 
> long premaxilla that looks like a gavial, may be some did eat fish, at 
> least part time.

        Recall also that the VERY front two teeth on the lower jaw
actually point FORWARD which is a feature seen in many rhamphorhynch,
plesiosaurs, etc. In pretty much every other meat eater they all go
backward! The condition is not as extreme as in rhamphorhynchs or
plesiosaurs, but it is there to a degree, and it isn't seen in modern