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Rearing diploducids

Re: the rearing diplocid subject, response to thread about pushing trees down 
for offspring feeding:

Hi, I'm just back from my holiday in Ca. (great place; like France without the 
French, bless 'em) and it occurs to me that it would be very dangerous for 
diplocids in herds to push over trees; the risk of crushing young would surely 
be great. They presumably were not skilled lumberjacks. Ok elephants do it, but 
aren't they generally considered to be intelligent (ie more than your average 
dino) and so perhaps can work out not to stand in the way. 

Having just spent some time in your Coastal Redwood forest, I don't see _any_ 
dinosaur pushing some of those suckers over (it also occurs to me, that one of 
the most impressive features of these forests was the huge temperature drop 
within the forest; these treees _control_ their environment, maintaining a 
(fairly) constant very cool temperature. Implications for 
endothermic/ectothermic aniamls, perhaps?).