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Paleo Assoc. News

Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 18:01:09 +0100
Reply-To: map2@leicester.ac.uk
From: Palaeontological Association <map2@leicester.ac.uk>
Subject: Newsletter 32

The Palaeontological Association web pages have been updated.  New
items include the latest edition of the 'Palaeontology Newsletter'
(Number 32; not yet available from any other source!) which contains
the usual exciting stuff: a series of articles responding to what
appear to have been somewhat controversial 'palaeo-comments' in the
last issue (the use of specimens in private collections; proceedures
in ichnotaxonomy), details of Association awards, and announcement of
the the contents of Palaeontology 39 part 4.  It is also linked to the
programme and abstracts of the Annual Meeting next month.

All at the usual url's:

(UK site)

(the US Mirror)

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