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Darren said:

> Fact is, the impact of artistic restorations is so great that nice,
> early, accessible pictures influence just about all of the artists
> that attempt restorations thereafter.


> It has become clear that artistry does not only reflect opinion, but
> also shapes future interpretation. Restorers of extinct life take
> note!

Stephen Gould  wrote a book about this-THE FLAMINGOS SMILE IS UPSIDE DOWN
(and the flamingo wasn't extinct when Audobon painted the picture,   

> 1) Does anyone have a ratite skeleton to hand?

There is a fairly new ratite newsgroup that I've previously mentioned
here.  (you might check the archives-I don't gots the full name here
at work) [ sci.agriculture.ratites -- MR ] They are mostly people
raising meat animals-emu and ostrich.  You might ask them if they have
a dead one handy