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Re: Airbagged(was Dive!Dive!Dive!)

At 06:39 PM 11/5/96 -0500, George O. wrote:

>Obligatory quadrupedal stance is a tetrapod apomorphy. Obligatory bipedal
>stance is derived within certain lineages.

        I see...
        The original post went something like (DG quoting Martz):

>> The paper addressed this: how would a T.rex catch itself?  The largest 
>> runners alive today are all quadrapeds.  If they trip with one set of 
>> legs, they have another set of legs to keep them from falling.

George's origional response:

>This is one reason bipedality should be considered an "unnatural" stance in

New translation:

>This is one reason bipedality should be considered a [derived] stance in

        You are most certainly correct in the assertion that quadrapedality
is plesiomorphic for the tetrapods.
        How is the assertion Jeff Martz made a "reason" that it should be
considered thusly?  Do we need more reasons than the fossil record already

>word "unnatural" to connote this relationship between the two stances, not
>that a bipedal stance is an unnatural stance (it is tautologically a natural
>stance for bipeds).

        I do not see how the natural:unnatural dichotomy is related to the
quadrapedality:bipedality dichotomy.  To me the word "unnatural" (quotes
notwithstanding) indicates something that is "against the natural order", or
"not found in the natural system", "artificial", or "sinful".  I guess it
has to do with some use of quotation marks which was never taught to me... :)
        Would you care to elaborate on exactly what the relationship you
were attempting to connote was?
>Talk about setting up straw men...

        It sure sounded to me like you were executing another
terse-yet-inflammatory "bipedality cannot be explained except by my theory"
snipe.  At the time, I could see no other reason for either a) restating the
obvious, or b) using the word "unnatural".  Please accept my most sincere
apologies for misjudging you. 
        The Cladisitic Assassin (no Dr. Holtz, no one dies.  Although, dutch
rubs will be in order! :)
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