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to fall or not

Hi Gang

There has been so much discussion on the falling T. rex that I think we have
gotten away from ground truth, that is that which we know vice want we think
might be. With T. rex we know that it is built to go faster than any other 6
ton body of the time. That is the "fact" that the skeleton tells us. The
other interesting truth is that many other large carnovers are built just the
same way, maybe not quitel so sleek but a pretty speedy multi ton critter.
The limb ratios tell us this. Now this style of skeleton comes from several
different carnovers with several different forebearers. That means there is
some good reason that these critters are built this way. Not just some
leftover from another part of evolution. So unless someone can tell me what
other purpose this sleek design serves thenit must be to go fast and the
trick now becomes not to limit their speed, but to figure how they did it
without hurting themselves. Hmmmmm?

paul sparks