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Forward Pointing Teeth

Nick Longrich wrote:

>       Recall also that the VERY front two teeth on the lower jaw
> actually point FORWARD which is a feature seen in many rhamphorhynch,
> plesiosaurs, etc. In pretty much every other meat eater they all go
> backward! The condition is not as extreme as in rhamphorhynchs or
> plesiosaurs, but it is there to a degree, and it isn't seen in modern
> carnivores.

and I'm not fully convinced that these forward pointing teeth in rhamphorhynch 
_do imply fish eating. I mean, ok you manage to spear a fish with your pointy 
front teeth, but then what? How do you get it into your throat from there? It's 
effectively prevented from descending the gullet by the very design of the 
teeth! You've got to stop, drop it (still wriggling and trying to escape) 
somehow pick it up (in flight, presumably), and then somehow toss it in the air 
maybe, and catch it and swallow it. And all this time, other sensisble fish 
catchers are having no problem 'cos they have backward pointy teeth. 
of interpretation or or what?

What if they were used to catch non-wriggly jellyfish, which you carry back to 
your roost, and which don't try to wriggle away?