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paleontolgist, dinosaur

What follows is an e-mail I received (no, I don't know why they call me "Dr.
Freeman," it doesn't appear to be forwarded).  Any of the honest to gosh
paleontologists on the list can answer it as they see fit.  They did ask one
question I'd like to know the answer to myself ... what IS the dinosaur most
commonly found?


Hi Dr. Freeman, we are Chris, Cameron and E.J.  from Monfort elementary
school, we are trying to find a palientologist so that we can do our
project, please write back to us if you find one.

Some of the questions we need to ask the palientologist are:

1. What is your theory about how the dinosaurs got extinct?
2. Which one is stronger, a Deinonychys or a Velociraptor?
3. Which dinosaur is most commonly found?
4. What is your favorite dinosaur?

we need an idea for a science project?

             Cameron Steely
             Chris Dalton
          And E.J. Martinez