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Re: broken fibulas

Just a note to help with this threasd.
        I had my left ankle fused as result of Anzio. They actually cut a
three or four inch piece out of the fibula and used half of it as a
splint, screwed to the tibia and talus. The other half was ground up and
placed between tibia and talus as bone scraps to speed fusion. I cannot
see that  it had any major effect on my ability to stand, lift otr walk.

[Somebody (Mikiel?) know which of Sue's bones were broken?  Somebody
 (Ti... er Tom?) want to comment if said bone might have been as
 redundant for her as for Ray?  My bet is that a Tyrannosaur would
 have much more difficulty with the break of *any* leg bone than a
 human would have with a broken fibula.  -- MR ]

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