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Re: paleontolgist, dinosaur

From: cporter@psd.k12.co.us (Carla Porter) 

> 1. What is your theory about how the dinosaurs got extinct?

A combination of causes occuring in a geologically short time period
combined to drive them to extinctions.  Some of the main contributors
        1. The volcanic eruptions forming the Deccan Traps in India.
        2. The lowering of sea levels to nearly as low as they now are.
        3. The impact of a giant meteorite, perhaps in the Yucatan
        4. Possibly (little evidence available as yet), an large
           decrease in the oxygen content of the oceans (oceanic anoxia).

 > 3. Which dinosaur is most commonly found?

This is difficult to answer as asked.

Do you mean most individual skeletons?
        Then the answer is Maiasaura, but almost all of them were
        found in one single location, and almost all died at exactly
        the same moment.

Do you mean the most separate locations?
        Then I am not so sure, but Triceratops skulls are quite
        common, as are Apatosaurus vertebrae. Maybe there are other
        type found in even more places.

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