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Re: Rex Fall part 2

Jeffrey Martz wrote:
> If you ran every time you needed to get dinner over uneven and
> possibly obstacle ridden ground, especially if your attention was focused
> largely on your dinner which was trying really hard not to get caught,
> tripping and falling might well be more common.

Come on, animals handle this sort of problem every day.  YOU might
well trip and fall under such conditions, but this is what the animal
was designed to do.

Every day creatures engage in behavior which seems both extraordinary
and extraordinarily dangerous.  Three hundred pound orangutans clamber 
through the canopy.  Birds twist their way through tight forests at high 
speed. 'Possums cross the road.

A mistake in any one of these activities will result in the animal's
death.  But that doesn't stop them from engaging in the risky

So long as that behavior represents a net gain on average, it will

Reasoning based on what looks difficult from a human perspective would 
rule out half the life on the planet.  "If you had to chase a rapidly
darting, dodging insect through trees in pitch black conditions,
you'd be running into trees all the time.  Obviously these "bats"
didn't use those wings to fly."

T-rex might have turned to chop suey in a high speed impact.  But I
wouldn't want to bet he'd trip while chasing me.

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