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Wesayso tree-pusher division

[ Sorry for the subject line, but I think it's better than what I was
  given: "Re: DINOSAUR digest 113".  At least I know Darren will get the
  joke.  -- MR ]

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, Cunningham, Betty wrote:
> You should be here during one of our rainy winters, when a good, stiff   
> wind  will ALWAYS take out the one likeliest to fall on a road.  (Highway   
> 17, Big Basin Road-oh the horrors) They have really really shallow root   
> systems, by the way.  You can tell by looking at the tiny rootball after   
> the tree tips over.  This happens a lot.  When one goes, it frequently   
> brings down other trees with it.  This clears out where the undergrowth   
> is shaded by the tree canopy, and the baby trees finally get enough light   
> to grow into big trees. This is part of the Coastals life cycle.
> Suggests a need for something to knock over a few trees on a regular   
> basis, now doesn't it?

Hmm ok Betty, but the largest tree was estimated at having a mass of 1 million 
lbs, ie about 446 tons (according to the blurb issued by the State Park). If we 
say that around the edge of a forest the trees are smaller (say 1/4 size) we 
still have a tree of 100 tons or so. Still rather a dangerous size to be 
over, even if you're a dino of 30+ tons (and could it be done I wonder?). "mind 
you stay behind me children while I push over this big tree. oops sorry darling 
did it fall on your head?"