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Re: broken fibulas

Mickey Rowe wrote:

> [Somebody (Mikiel?) know which of Sue's bones were broken?  Somebody
>  (Ti... er Tom?) want to comment if said bone might have been as
>  redundant for her as for Ray?  My bet is that a Tyrannosaur would
>  have much more difficulty with the break of *any* leg bone than a
>  human would have with a broken fibula.  -- MR ]

        My info is sketchy at best.  A "leg" was broken, and I *think* the bone 
question was the left fibula, but I wouldn't bet any money on that as a
fact.  I've lost the notebook I had with me when Larson was here, so I no
longer have any recorded notes.
        In any case, It would be very interesting to know if the break was a
compound fracture or something a little less messy.  For sure, someone
could write a whole paper on that single pathology in the context of T. rex
running ability and problems with falling.  Too bad Farlow et al. didn't
have access to that specimen before their paper.