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Re: A fundimental conundrum concerning gigantic theropods

Rob Meyerson claims:

> Actually it is the unstability that makes being bipedal so cool.  It
> allows one to turn on a dime (just watch kids playing tag), far
> easier than a quadreped ever could.

Rob, can you provide *any* evidence whatsoever that the above is true?
How many of your "kids playing tag" play against deer or dogs or any
other quadruped?

> Further, being quadrepedal has a disadvantage in terms of being a
> high speed creature, in that the front limbs get in the way.  When a
> cheetah is running, all it's forward thrust is provided by the hind
> limbs.

This is totally false.  Cheetahs most assuredly use their front limbs
for power during a high speed run.  Their mode of locomotion is fairly
unique in the way that they take advantage of the elastic energy
stored in their spines.  This has been discussed before on this very

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)