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Re: Fish eating theropods

From: tlford@ix.netcom.com (Tracy Ford )

 > Lets look at the rest of the skeleton. Does it look like a crocodile? 
 > No. Does it look like it could swim after a fish? No. ...
 > It didn't have the feet to walk in water, marsh, mud, etc. To 
 > catch a fish with its claw it would have had to be very fast, it 
 > couldn't lie in wait for a fish then catch it. I think to many. ... 

Look at the skeleton of a grizzly bear. Does it look like it could
swim after fish?, does it have the feet to walk in water mud etc.
And to catch a fish with its claws it would have to be vry fast.

Guess what: salmon make up a large part of the diet of the grizzly.
And guess what: they catch them by side-swiping them with their
front feet.

Of course grizzlies also eat lots of other stuff, including terrestrial

I see no evidence that Baronyx could not have fished in exactly the
same manner as the grizzly, and also ate whatever else it could catch.

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