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Brian Franczak wrote:

>Nick Longrich wrote:


>> That's why dinos have heat problems ( at least, in theory)- surface area
>>being  the only way to lose heat, and a 20-ton Apatosaurus not having a
>>lot of it.
>Wouldn't airsacs in these pleurocoelous vertebrae add to the surface area
>and aid in keeping the animal from overheating?

Seems to me the airsacs would only help with cooling if they had a way to
either radiate heat outward (not inside vertebrae!) or a means of exchanging
air, i.e., being an extension of the respiratory system WHERE THE AIR IS
        If they simply contained trapped air, they would just maintain
the ambient temperature inside the animal's body. The only possible
function I can see is as a heat sink, and I suspect that solid mass
would be more effective for that.  I see the airsacs as having no
other purpose that structural lightening.

Wayne Anderson