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Re: Forward Pointing Teeth

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996 DPterosaur@aol.com wrote:

> Martin wrote: 
> > ok you manage to spear a fish with your pointy front teeth, but then
> > what?  How do you get it into your throat from there?
> Inertial feeding. A quick jerk of the neck and the fish is dislodged... and,
> with skill, probably reoriented head first. 

Many beaked or long jawed animals easily learn this. My dog can do this
with his chew toys.

Just recently one of the nature shows had a segment on alligators. An older
gator was filmed eating a younger one, who was first nabbed in the middle.
The older gator flipped the smaller one around in its mouth and eventually
got it lined up for swallowing.

It is hardly farfetched to assume dinos/whatever could do the same.
I suppose this implies failry sensitive tongues and lips.

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