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Re: Wesayso tree-pusher division

(veni, vidi, concreti) wrote:

> Hmm ok Betty, but the largest tree was estimated at having a mass of 1 million
> lbs, ie about 446 tons (according to the blurb issued by the State Park). If 
> we
> say that around the edge of a forest the trees are smaller (say 1/4 size) we
> still have a tree of 100 tons or so. Still rather a dangerous size to be 
> pushing
> over, even if you're a dino of 30+ tons (and could it be done I wonder?). 
> "mind
> you stay behind me children while I push over this big tree. oops sorry 
> darling
> did it fall on your head?"

Hi Martin,
   And if dinosaurs are regularily harvesting some given number of trees
in an area, do you think the trees they would push over would be the
biggest trees in the forest?  
   The trees you may have seen were probably second growth trees-
sprouted after the old growth trees in the area were cut down by
lumbermen before the turn of the century-meaning that all the trees of a
certain adult size were EXACTLY the same age-not a natural condition,
(there only being rare spots of old growth Coastal redwoods left in
California).  So (are you still following me?) the trees would be of
varied sizes in a forest where dinosaurs would be harvesting them.
   I suggest merely that they would push over the ones that they could
push over, same as elephants.

-Betty Cunningham