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Re: Rex Fall part 2

Mark Sumner wrote:

> Every day creatures engage in behavior which seems both extraordinary
> and extraordinarily dangerous.  Three hundred pound orangutans clamber 
> through the canopy.  Birds twist their way through tight forests at high 
> speed. 'Possums cross the road.
> A mistake in any one of these activities will result in the animal's
> death.  But that doesn't stop them from engaging in the risky
> behavior.

     I didn't say they didn't engage in risky behavior.  I'm saying they 
don't make it any more risky then they had too.  I doubt that the speed a 
sparrow of bat flies through a dense forest or the speed at which an 
ourangutan moves through the trees is anywhere near the top speed that 
animal could move at if it wasn't concerned with smacking into a tree or 
falling to its death.
     I've never said T.rex didn't run.  I'm simply saying that the 
dangers of falling were probably strong enough to have a selective 
effect on behavior. 
     How exactly do broken tibias relate to the risks of a T.rex falling 
anyhow?  Is it being  assumed for some reason that they were broken in 
LN Jeff