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Re: Redwoods and baby sauropods

 From: gpb6845@msu.oscs.montana.edu

 > You're talking about redwoods right?  Isn't your point invalidated a bit by 
 > choosing the very biggest of trees and not the very biggest of sauropods?  
 > First of all, I suspect an average size conifer is in the Western 
 > Hemlock-Douglass Fir-Western Redcedar range, not the redwood range.

Well, not quite, but still over 200 ft tall as mature specimens.

 >  These trees are substantially smaller than redwoods and would have
 > been felled by something in the Apatosaurus range more easily.

Except that they also have much deeper roots.

Redwoods are relicts of an old lineage of swamp and floodplain trees,
and have inherited their shallow root system. (In fact the oldest
fossil redwoods occur in swamp deposits in the American midwest).

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