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Procumbent theropod teeth (was Pleurocoels in sauropods...)

In a message dated 96-11-08 13:57:55 EST, longrich@phoenix.Princeton.EDU
(Nick Longrich) writes:

> Can anyone else think of a predatory dinosaur with anterior
> direction to the teeth?

Check out _Stygivenator molnari_, type specimen (premaxillae, anterior
dentaries) figured in

Molnar, R. E., 1978. "A new theropod dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous of
central Montana," Journal of Paleontology 52(1): 73-82 [January 1978].

Some people call this "_Aublysodon_" _molnari_, or even _Aublysodon

Some tyrannosaurids had slightly procumbent premaxillary teeth; in
_Tyrannosaurus rex_ most of the anterior teeth were slightly procumbent.
Nothing like _Rhamphorhynchus_, though.