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Re: GSA field trips

Norm King wrote...

> stratigraphy, however, not paleontology.  Lots of nice paleosols.  After 
> the meeting, another trip took me to the Garden Park dinosaur site near 
> Can~on City, CO.  We didn't have time to visit the DMNH Stegosaurus 
> quarry, but we did see Marsh's 1880's quarries, including the one that 
> produced the "roadkill" stegosaur.

     If you are talking about the 1992 "roadkill", that did not come out 
of one of Marsh's original quarries.  The gully that roadkill was found 
in is the same one that the DMNH mounted stegosaur was found in.  The 
reason THAT quarry can't be visited is that it is on private property, 
and the owner got tired of univited people tresspeassing on his property.
     The roadkill quarry has also yielded a few mammal jaws, and 
quite a few other nice isolated bones.
     I think the quarry you probably visited was the Marsh-Feltch Quarry, 
which not to far down the road, which has yeilded quite a few stegosaur 
remains, including some of the best specimens.  

> I don't know about the tail.  

    The tail is also in Denver, being worked on in the fossil lab.  You 
may have seen it through the window as a really big plaster cast filled with 
grey matrix (assuming it is still there: I haven't been back in a while).    
> So the new mount in DMNH 
> is actually mostly the old Stegosaurus of the DMNH, but with the neck 
> ossicles added and new information on the tail spikes, as well as new 
> (straight and high) tail position.

    The neck ossicles and tail spike positioning are both based on 
information from the new specimen, but the ossicles on the mounted 
specimen are fake.  The real roadkill skull and neck ossicles should still 
be on display next to the mounted skeleton.
     Incidently, the positioning of the plates in the roadkill also seem 
to imply a double row of alternating plates, rather than a single row.

LN Jeff