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Re: Forward Pointing Teeth

At 13:00 08/11/96 -0500, Garrison Hilliard wrote:

>On 8 Nov 96 12:17:00 EST, David Peters wrote:
>>Martin wrote:
>>> ok you manage to spear a fish with your pointy front teeth, but then
>>> what?  How do you get it into your throat from there?
>>Inertial feeding. A quick jerk of the neck and the fish is dislodged... and,
>>with skill, probably reoriented head first.
>Large fishi-eating animals with forward pointing teeth... narwhals.

I assume the writer realizes that narwhals do not use their teeth for
feeding (otherwise the females, who lack them, would be in severe
difficulties!), but for competitions among males.  The same is probably
true for some other toothed whales, eg the beaked whales of the genus
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