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Re: paleontolgist, dinosaur

Stan Friessen wrote:

> The lowering of sea levels changed climates from maritime to continental
> over lare areas, reduced the extent of continental shelf (contributing
> to the *marine* extinctions), and perhaps reduced the habitat variety
> on land as well.

which leads me to ask if he has seen/heard Anton Wroblewski's work on the K-T 
boundary in Wyoming.  Anton demonstrated that the ocean was present 
in Wyoming through the Cretaceous (sharks, marine inverts, marine 
sediments, etc.) AND a few million years into the Paleocene, indicating 
the regression did not get to the Gulf of Mexico by the end of the 
Cretaceous.  I was a huge fan of the regression/anoxia theory but after 
seeing Anton's data I am no longer sure how tenable this hypothesis will 
remain in the light of increased geologic studies of this region.  
Clearly more folks will need to double check his findings but I have heard 
(from geologists familiar with the region) that his work will be shown to be 
correct thereby casting serious questions on the timing and extent 
of the regression event(s). 

But until the Wyoming folks find Cretaceous sauropods I will merely be an 
attentive bystander.  :)
        Brian Curtice