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Stan Friesen wrote:

> I see no evidence that Baronyx could not have fished in exactly the
> same manner as the grizzly, and also ate whatever else it could catch.

Grizzlies opportunistically catch salmon when the fish are swimming
upstream to spawn. It is the wildest speculation that similar conditions
existed for _Baryonyx_ to take advantage of. I can envision _Baryonyx_
standing in the water, snagging the occasional fish with its croc-like
snout and teeth; that it "fished in *exactly* the same manner as the
grizzly" is highly unlikely. The paddle-shaped paw of the grizzly is
perfect for swatting fish out of the water; the three-fingered manus of
_Baryonyx_ is not analogous to a bearpaw.

Brian Franczak (franczak@ntplx.net)