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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #63

George Olshevsky wrote:

> Date: Friday, 8 November, 1996 10.09 AM
> Finally, they recommend referring the species Omeisaurus
> changshuoensis [sic] and Omeisaurus gongjianensis [sic] to the genus
> Mamenchisaurus but do not actually employ the species epithets in
> combination with the genus Mamenchisaurus. The former species name
> is a misspelling of Omeisaurus changshouensis, but the latter is new
> to me and does not seem to be a misspelling or new combination of
> any other Chinese sauropod species. It is not described in the paper
> but is only mentioned in passing. I'll treat it as a nomen nudum
> until I unearth a reference or description for it. None of this
> affects the Dinosaur Genera List, since the changes occur at the
> species level.

        Can't say I know too much about oriental languages or
pronounciation, but could thay have meant Omeisaurus junghsiensis
Young 1939?