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Leg,Eye Geometry Data

I'm looking for quantitative data on dinosaur physical geometry.
I would appreciate it if people could either send me data, or
a suggestion as to where I could find it.
Either data for particular individuals, or estimated species
average would suffice.

For both data sets, I am interested in larger dinosaurs, say
12' nose-tail and up. For the leg data, I am interested solely
in bipeds.

Here's what I'm looking for:


Hip-knee distance
knee-ankle distance
ankle-center of load-bearing foot distance

Note that these distances are longer than that of the corresponding
bones. To go with any such data, the species and an indication of
the source.


Maximum diameter of the eye. In humans, this would be quantified
        as the width of the white, and its height. In dinosaurs
        this may be the inner diameter of the sclerotic plate.
Diameter of the iris
Diameter of the pupil
Average radius of curvature of the eyeball across its front surface.

Obviously these numbers quantify soft-tissue structures, so they
have to be based on estimates and comparative anatomy.

My thanks for helping locate this data.

Russ Andersson