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My Grade 9 Science Fair Project: Dinosaur Vocalizations

I have already posted the following two messages to vrtpaleo@usc.edu.  One
of my respondants,  Jeffrey Martz, has suggested that I post my qestions here.

By the way, how should I pronounce Weishampel?

Message #1:
I am writing to ask if you have any information on dinosaur vocalizations.
Also if you have any information on the dimensions of their skulls, that
would be gratefully accepted.  I hope to use information on the dimensions
of airway passages to calculate the resonant frequencies.  All of this
information will help me a lot for my Grade 9 Science Fair project.
        I am interested in information on any species but I am especially
interested in the dimensions of any Hadrosaur skulls, especially
Parasaurolophus.  But if you don't have any of this information thank you
kindly for giving your time to read this.

Message #2:
Thank you to all of you who sent information and suggestions in response to
my first request!  

I am still reading the books and other articles which you have called to my
attention, but I already have some new questions.

1. a) Is there any evidence that hadrosaurian dinosaurs had soft tissue
structures that would have let them change the size of the resonating
chamber in their crests?
    b) Is there any evidence of vocal cords in the throats of hadrosaurian
dinosaurs which may have aided in changing the pitches or complexity of the
sounds that they may have been able to produce?

2. a) Is there any information on the size and length of the cochlear duct
in the ears of predators?  Can this information be used to estimate the
frequencies that these predators may have been able to detect?  I am, of
course, interested in predators that may have eaten hadrosaurian dinosaurs.

   b) Is it possible that any of the hadrosaurian dinosaurs may have been
able to communicate using frequencies that their predators could not hear?

3.  Is this idea of a "secret frequency" original or am I still following
someone else's tracks?

Any information received will be greatly appreciated.  If you do not have
any information on this subject, I thank you for taking your time to read this.


Della Drury
Box 4
Fairview, AB
Canada   T0H 1L0