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New theropod

A new theropod is described by KAHRU & RAUTIAN, 1996. It is very
similiar to Mononykus but with enough differences to warrent a new

Family: Parvicursoridae KARHU & RAUTIAN, 1996

Genus: _Parvicursor_ KARHU & RAUTIAN, 1996
Etymology: Latin, parvus, "small", Latin, cursor, "runner": Small 

Species: _remotus_ KARHU & RAUTIAN, 1996
Etymology: Latin, remotus, "deviating".

Holotype: PIN no. 4487/25

Locality: Khulsan Locality, Southern Gobi Aimak, Mongolia.

Horizon: Barungoiotian Formation, Campanian, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Fragments of dorsal, sacral, and caudal regions of vertebral 
column, partial pelvis, right hind limb, except for the first and third 
digit, separate elements of left hind limb.

The tibia is very long and only a spike of the fibula, the 
metatarsals are also very long and metatarsal III is one fourth the 
lenght of the metatarsals I and II (metatasals are about 4 cm long). A 
very small animal.

Karhu, A. A., and A. S. Rautian, 1996. A New Family of Maniraptora 
(Dinosauria: Saurischia) from the Late Cretacous of Mongolia. 
Palaeontological Journal, Volume 30, Number 5: 583-592.