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GSP1954@aol.com wrote:

> How little most people understand about heat problems in land giants.
> 1 - Giant animals are not in particular danger of overheating, they store it
> in the daytime and dump it at night.

This seems to require a couple of rather large assumptions:

1) that nightime temps allowed radiant / direct cooling to proceed at
rates equal to that of solar input during the day.  

2) that internal processes, including digestions of hundreds or
thousands of pounds of vegatation, would result in no additional
heat production.

Most large land mammals find a need for active cooling measures,
and/or cooling structures.  Reptiles of even moderate size spend
a lot of thier time practicing heat dump.  Elephants don't have 
those ears for nothin'.  I find it hard to believe that large 
sauropods would not have had a serious problem with heat.
We've already got at least one sail-backed sauropod in the books,
I'd be surprised if others don't have cooling structures of one
form or another.

It takes work to be cool. <g>

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