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Bicycle Dinos vs. QuadroTrack Mammals

All the discussion of the advantages (or lack thereof) for a 
2-legged pose presents a nice question: why should bipedalism be 
selected for among dinosaurs, but not among mammals?

There are several lizards which employ a standard quadrapedal gait
when moving slowly, but switch to a bipedal stance at higher 
speed.  In fact, these dual mode lizards are the fastest running
lizards extant.

Does the archeosaur body structure share common traits with modern
lizards that might make bipedality the prefered mode for high
speed travel?  Was bipedality actually nothing but a relic from
a body form badly designed for the FF/BB gait used by mammals at
high speed?

Or perhaps bipedality was selected for other reasons.  Heck, maybe
there were distinct advantages in deepening the chest structure and
getting up on the hind legs was the only way to avoid digging a
trench ala turn of the century sauropod reconstructions.

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