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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #64

Ben Creisler and Tracy Ford have both informed me of a new theropod

Parvicursor remotus Karhu & Rautian, 1996

described in (the English edition of) the Russian _Paleontologicheskii
Zhurnal 30_(5): 583-592. I haven't seen the paper yet, but it's in the mail.
Late Cretaceous of southern Mongolia. The dinosaur is small (Tracy says the
metatarsus, with a metatarsal III that is pinched off completely well below
the tarsus, is only 4 cm long) and seems to be closely related to
_Mononykus_. Portions of the pelvis and tail, and a complete hind limb, are

So add the entry

Parvicursor Karhu & Rautian, 1996

to the Dinosaur Genera List and increment the count to 799. One more genus
before December 8 and somebody owes Bob Tuck a pizza.

Speaking of Mongolian theropods, a recent e-mail reported the announcement in
Japan by Barsbold of a new species of _Gallimimus_, _G. mongoliensis_, and a
forthcoming new genus, as yet unnamed, of ornithomimosaur closely related to
_Harpymimus_. I'd like to know whether the species name _Gallimimus
mongoliensis_ has actually appeared in print (I presume it has), and if so,
who the author of the notice might be (e.g., Barsbold himself?).

Finally, in view of the fact that the name of the feathered theropod
_Sinosauropteryx prima_ appeared in Chinese and Japanese news releases,
apparently without bylines, a few days before the London Times's Nigel Hawkes
wrote it up October 11, I've changed its attribution to [Anonymous]. The
entry now reads

Sinosauropteryx [Anonymous] 1996 [nomen nudum]