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Lora Nelson asked about..

> > "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Flying Reptiles", by
> > Dr. Peter Wellnhoffer.

(aka _The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs_)

.. and Nick Longrich said...

>       It doesn't have the really new stuff like Tapejara and Tupuxuara,
> but other than that I think it is an excellent book, and a very balanced
> treatment of the subject.

The book includes both _Tapejara_ and _Tupuxuara_. 

Pterosaurs discovered too recently to be included are _Cycnorhampha_ 
(what is this?), _Zhenjiangopterus_, _Benettazhia_, (both azhdarchids) 
_Kepodactylus_ (indet. ?pterodactyloid), _Arambourgiania_ (another 
azhdarchid.. new name for _Titanopteryx_ which _is_ included) and a 
variety of unnamed forms. 

These are off the top of my head, so apologies for spelling mistakes.
Any other recently named taxa are news to me.

"You picked the _wrong_ day"