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Sauropod heat? A serious problem...

On 11/11/96 Mark Sumner <range@inlink.com> wrote:

>I find it hard to believe that large sauropods would not have had a
>serious problem with heat.

As a general observation, I find it amusing that because you don't
understand sauropod metabolism that *they* had a problem.

1) Obviously the animal existed.
2) Obviously it was a highly succesful animal.
3) If it was an unbearable existence, it wouldn't have evolved.

It's unlikely that sauropods laid awake at night worrying about their heat

It seems that sometimes some people are so lost in their intellectual games
they play with themselves that they actually believe their own B.S. and
that *poof* that dinosaur is just going to *up an not have existed at all
because I can't figure out how it could exist as it did*. These are not the
dinos limitations. They're our limitations. The bones aren't going to
vanish into thin air or change to support our understanding just because
they don't make sense to us. Yet another example of the collective huge ego
of homo sapiens...

S. S. Lazarus

[FWIW Steven, I think you've been grossly unfair in your analysis of
 Mark's comments. -- MR ]