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A, E, I, O, or U?

Dear All,

Gentle posters are playing footloose with our 4-footed dino friends.  A minor
point, perhaps, but there are no such things as quadrapeds, quadrapedal,
quadriped, quadroped, etc.  The correct terms, as befit a scientific
discussion list, are "quadruped" and "quadrupedal."  We wouldn't want to
perpetuate improper spelling (and Mickey will disem-vowel you with his
sickel/ scickel/ cycle/ sickle(!) shaped pen). 

Double feature last night on Dr. Sereno's discoveries.  PBS had "Skeletons in
the Sand" on "The New Explorers," a fascinating hour-long documentary on the
group's travels through the Sahara Desert to Niger, culminating in the
finding of Afrovenator.  "Paleoworld" had the Moroccan dig, concentrating
more on the preparation of the fossil finds.