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Re: Bipedalism Revisited

In a message dated 11/11/1996 6:37:05 PM, Jonathan Wagner wrote:

> Is there any hindlimb musculature data which suggests that
> [pterosaurs] they might be closer to other archosauromorphs?  I
> really don't expect any myself, as they appear to be fairly derived
> in the pelvic region.

Strongly reduced hemal arches and equally reduced caudal transverse processes
are also found in Sharovipteryx, and less so in Cosesaurus and other
prolacertilians. Also, found are the narrow anterior extension of the ilium,
three or more sacral verts. and possible prepubes. And that's not where the
similarity ends.

J.Poling wrote:

] As long as pterosaurs has come up, did the first pterosaurs have an
] erect stance like the first crocs and dinos?

Sprawling knees and a bipedal stance with feet planted beneath the sternum
and femora aligned with the prepubes.

> Also, someone on the list mentioned finding a reprint or something
> of Welnhoffer's big book of pterosaurs, and I can't currently get
> into the DML archive site to look for it.  What's the actual title
> of the book, and where did they see it?

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs. All the Barnes and Nobles have
reprints.  Hope this helps.

David Peters