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On the hunt for the living

   Could the good folks on the list give this maiden a hand?

Dear Jeff, I hope you don't mind my familiarity. Ditto what the industry
says--your web page is amazing. What a great resource.If you have a minute
I was hoping you could help me. My name is Amanda Kopf. I am a second year
undergraduate student at New College, a small liberal arts school located
in Sarasota, Fl. As part of my academic year I have a month long period,
January, in which I have to complete a so called "independent study
project." It is my hope this year to find a paleontologist who is willing
to let me shadow them while they work. I am interested in such study from
the molecular to organismic gambit. I do desire to work with vertebrates,
invertebrates are neat too, but I would rather not delve into plant life.
If you can provide any thoughts about my situation, even if you can not
provide a concrete response, I encourage you to do so. What you might
consider speculation could be another path of direction for me. 
Thank you for taking the time to deal with this. My appreciation, amanda